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 OCTOBER 25-27


FALL 2013 WOODBRIDGE LODGE WORK / CLEANING PARTY: OCTOBER 25-27 Space is limited—contact Terry McGinn to confirm your attendance! We will arrive on Friday, Depart Sunday. Everyone gets 2 chits per full day worked. Each chit is worth one nights lodging good thru the 2014 ski season. Work party starts Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon. Anyone extending their stay past two nights may do so with a reservation or chits from previous work parties. Plan to bring along cereal or whatever you want for breakfast. Either we will have a cook or we will do our own food prep while working. More info will be provided later. We will be dividing the food costs among the adult members of our work party as in previous years. Please mail your completed reservation form to Terry McGinn, 6511 Shalkop St., Phila PA 19128. Questions? Contact Terry at 215-487-3438.

 The General “To Do” List:

1. Yard clean up

2. Wash all windows inside and out

3. Install clear polyethylene plastic sheeting stretched over outside of two kitchen windows.

4. Replace batteries in ALL smoke alarms and CO2 alarms, check basement gas alarm, replace light bulbs as needed

5. Remove all mattress covers, take to Laundromat in Wilmington, wash, dry, return and reinstall.

 6. General cleaning of lodge interior includes pulling appliances out, cleaning and resetting units.

 7. Cleaning of range hoods, filters, bath and shower fans, shower drain traps

8. Clean and check operation of sump pump

9. Assess condition of front outdoor stairway and make plans for future replacement -- prefab stairway at home and haul up to the lodge, assemble and install at a future work party

10. Paint upstairs bedroom, front door 1

11. New roof on woodshed ——————————————————————————————————