Buck Ridge Listserv

Listserv Usage Policy

1 ) List posts should generally stick to club-related activities or sports-related activities. You may also advertise your personal sports equipment for sale on the Listserv.  The Listserv is NOT to be used for selling non-sports-related or non-club-related items or services, with the exception of tickets to major events.

2) You may post group activities that you are organizing, as well as social activities that are open to the entire club membership. Please give details of the outing (date, time, place, cost, etc.). Also provide your contact information if you are organizing the event.

3) Please write a simple, clear subject line on your Listserv post. This will make it easier for our membership to skip a message they're not interested in reading. All postings will automatically say “Buckridge,” so you don’t need to add that. When forwarding information from another source, please change the subject line if necessary to clarify the nature of the posting. Please remove all extraneous “headers” and previous distribution lists from forwarded messages as well.

4) Due to concerns about computer viruses, we will not allow attachments of any kind. If appropriate, your posting can state that you will send the file to individuals who request it.

5) All postings related to skiing/snowboarding and other sports-related activities will be allowed, including information about non-club* ski trips, ski shop sales, sales of skiing/boarding equipment, season pass deals, first-hand accounts of ski conditions, and requests for information about ski areas. Please do not submit advertisements/propaganda for a resort or other vendor unless the message pertains to a sale or other special offering.

7) If you feel a Listserv posting is inappropriate for any reason, please direct your comments to the moderator, rather than to the sender of the original post.  It is the moderator’s job to interpret and enforce the Listserv Usage Policy, and your feedback helps to shape that policy.  Currently, the Listserv moderator is Michael  Fernandez at

The Slopes and Trails only comes out once a month, and even our Web site only gets updated every several weeks, so nothing is as timely as a message posted on the Listserv. In addition, you can post notices that normally wouldn't be accepted for the Slopes and Trails or the Web site (such as the two free passes to Blue Mountain).