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Lodge Usage - EPSC Clubs

Lodge Usage is open to any member of an EPSC club that has a reciprocity policy.

Come up to the Lodge this 2019 Spring and Summer Season - it is waiting for you to use!


Lodge Use Procedures

 As Lodge Chair, I would like to take this opportunity to remind both new and longtime members on procedures to make your reservations for a stay at the Woodbridge Lodge during warm weather season.

The ski schedule is available on the web site and is printed in each issue of Slopes and Trails. If there are no trips scheduled at the Lodge, make your reservation and payment through Lydia Hill, Lodge Registrar. The reservation form can be found in each issue of the newsletter or on the web site; it should be filled out listing all members of your party and mailed to Lydia along with your payment. Lydia can advise you as to availability and will provide you with the current access code for the front door lock.

If there is a scheduled trip questions as to availability and all payments are to be made through the designated trip leader. The ski schedule registration and release form should be completed instead of the lodge reservation form and submitted with payment to the trip leader. Note that for scheduled trips it is customary to share expenses for at least one meal; you will be expected to contribute unless you inform the trip leader in advance that you will be responsible for your own food expenses.

Unless directed otherwise by a trip leader, all checks should be made payable to "Buck Ridge Ski Club Lodge". Remember that if you make a reservation and do not show there are no refunds, but you will be able to use your reservations any time within 12 months subject to availability.

In the event Lydia is unavailable (how dare she take off to go sailing?!?!) you may direct any questions to Mike Fernandez, Lodge Committee Chair.

Instructions on opening and closing the lodge are posted in the building and are available for download from the web site. It is important to remember that, unlike in the past when you could lock the door from the inside and close it behind you when leaving, when leaving for the day or at the end of your stay the lock must now be manually engaged from the outside by entering the access code and turning the thumbknob to lock the door. It also bears repeating - at the end of your stay, please make sure the water pump in the lower kitchen is off, the gas feed to the space heaters / fireplace in the main lodge is off, and the electric baseboard heaters in the bedrooms and large dining area are off, and the door to the lower kitchen is closed.

Once you have been to the Lodge a few times and are familiar with procedures, why not sponsor a trip? Contact the Lodge Chair (see p. 2) if you would like to discuss details.

Outside of ski season, reservations can be made directly with Lydia, and the 3-guest limit does not apply. There are a lot of great summertime activities, from hiking on the Appalachian Trail, paddling one of the many lakes or rivers, or attending one of the many summer festivals. Winter or summer itís a great place to spend some time. Hiking or biking, boating or skiingÖ its more better in Vermont!



Lodge Donation

Our club centenarian, Fred Mack, has donated this beautiful stained glass picture, shown below, of a skier that he made. It will be on display at the lodge. Thanks Fred!


Lodge Reservation Chair -

Lydia Hill - 215-760-3322


Lodge Telephone Number 802-464-6591