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In 1995, Buck Ridge celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a huge anniversary party at the Masonic Lodge, Media, PA. Members young and old from all parts of the country gathered to commemorate the first fifty years of the club. Paul Wick and his family attended as well as other original founders or their survivors. Memorabilia from the first fifty years was displayed and longtime members reminisced about the early days of the club.

Over the past sixty-five years the Buck Ridge Ski Club has maintained the philosophy of the founding fathers. Today, Buck Ridge Ski Club still offers a variety of year-round sports activities. In winter there is downhill and cross-country skiing. In spring hiking and canoeing and rafting. Summer brings sailing or biking or in-line skating or golf. And when the leaves start to change colors there is some more hiking, improving the Lodge or rafting. Buck Ridgers come from all walks of life and all parts of the country. Family activities are growing again as family oriented ski weekends at the Lodge have been added to the ski calendar. New sports and activities are tried and introduced to club members. Improvements on Woodbridge Lodge are made each year and plans for future improvements are percolating. As we continue on the journey, Buck Ridge Ski Club moves into the 21st century on a solid foundation.