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The First Trips

Since it was March and the snows had melted, the first trips of the Buck Ridge Ski Club hiking trips. Later a canoe trip on the Egg Harbor River was planned and by the time the snow flew in 1946 the club was skiing in the Pocono Mountains.  Skiing in those years was a lot tougher than today. One didnít ride the gondola to the top of the mountain - no. Instead, the dedicated skier hiked to the top of the hill. Or, if you were a Buck Ridger, you built a ski tow, from an old Model T Ford station wagon, and hauled it around to the local hills. The Buck Ridge Ski Tow was originally set up at Paxon Hollow, then Taylor Run outside of West Chester, and finally at Vogelís Moguls, a slope on a farm on Mount Alverno Road, named for the family that owned it.

Ah, What a pity! The ski tow no longer exists.