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A Teaching Tradition

A tradition of teaching grew up in Buck Ridge. The Club has taught skiing, canoeing, orienteering, hiking, sailing, and various other outdoor sports to new members, to the boy scouts, and to young people. In 1946, the Club became affiliated with the Eastern Amateur Ski Association with members obtaining ski instructor certification. At one time there was the Buck Ridge Ski Patrol which provided ski patrols to many of the ski areas in Pennsylvania, teaching skiers safety on the slopes. The club pioneered various instructional techniques, "dry skiing, dry sailing, and dry canoeing" which included lectures and hands-on experiences such as skiing down a hill of straw. Many members also were involved with the American Red Cross teaching programs. The Club joined with the American Red Cross in sponsoring courses in winter first aid, lifesaving and swimming. To this day members are often seen teaching other members to ski or skate or tune their skis.