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In The Beginning

Buck Ridge Ski Club was founded in 1945. The Club was the idea of Paul Wick, an avid skier from Switzerland, transplanted to the Delaware Valley where he skied the rolling hills of the area and the mountains of New England.  Paul dreamed of a sports club offering adventuresome, year-round outdoor sports that also taught proficiency in them, a democratic, family-oriented, affordable club. At that time, there wasn’t much interest in skiing.  It was 1945 and there was a war going on. Most of the skiing being done by Americans was by our soldiers in the ski patrol in Europe.

There was only one ski club in Philadelphia. There were no ski slopes, ski tows, or ski resorts. In February 1945, Paul Wick, some friends from the Batona Hiking Club, a small group of Westinghouse engineers from Philadelphia, and some members of the Swarthmore College Outing Club met to plan the club. The founding fathers, Paul Wick, John Gall, Otto Hoefner, Larry Barrett, Robert McNair, and Hollis Butterfield drew up a provisional constitution and selected a slate of temporary officers.

On March 10, 1945 history was made. The first formal meeting of the "XYZ Ski Club" was held in Upper Darby, PA. The name was eventually changed to Buck Ridge - the name of the hills to the west of Philadelphia that could be seen from the statue of William Penn on Philadelphia’s City Hall.