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Buck Ridgers: Do-It Yourself

A "do-it-yourself' tradition exists in Buck Ridge. Buck Ridgers built the ski tow, sailing rigs and rudders, canoes and kayaks, canoe slalom gear, and whatever needed to be made or built or repaired as the talents of the members dictated. In 1959, the Club purchased a lodge near Mount Snow. The lodge was fairly primitive - a small cabin with an outhouse, a wood stove for heat, and no water (there was stream nearby). But, never fear, Buck Ridgers were there! In no time the lodge took on a totally new appearance - hot and cold running water was added; in the sixties, bathrooms, kitchens, and showers were added; and Project Fireplace in the seventies resulted in a large chimney, bunk rooms, and a dining room. Annual fall work parties have greatly improved the lodge. Now, there is a shed to house firewood, two kitchens, room for 23, a fire escape route, an upper and lower parking lot, and amenities unheard of in the fifties - a microwave oven and a self-defrosting refrigerator! During the 1996-1997, the lodge was named Woodbridge Lodge in honor of Eliot Woodbridge, a longtime member who has dedicated many hours to the maintenance and upkeep of the lodge.