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Buck Ridge and the Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council

In the Buck Ridge tradition of teaching and promoting skiing, Club members were part of the group who began the Eastern Ski Council more than fifty years ago. Eliott Woodbridge, Hollis Butterfield and Fritz Koenig were instrumental in the early formation and operation the Council and in promoting skiing throughout Pennsylvania. Hollis Butterfield was the first chairman of the Council from 1947 - 1949. Eliot was chairman from 1956 - 1957 and Fritz was president from 1970 - 1971. Fritz Koenig, an avid racer himself, spent a lifetime promoting ski racing for children. The Fritz Koenig Race, one of the best know races for young skiers, was started by Fritz and is still held annually at Jack Frost. Buck Ridge has continued to support the Council. Buck Ridgers have been Council officers, participants in Council sponsored ski races and have contributed to Council events.