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When the snow storms stopped and the ice melted, Buck Ridgers took to the hiking trails. Hiking was already a tradition - it was members of the Batona Hiking Club in Philadelphia who helped to establish Buck Ridge. It isn't hard to see, that from this hiking background, orienteering which is finding one's way in the woods by using a map and compass, would soon became a popular Buck Ridge sport. Buck Ridge Ski Club help to establish the first orienteering club in America, the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association. Buck Ridgers were avid participants in all kinds of water sports - sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. In fact Buck Ridge Ski Club helped to set the standards for canoeing. Buck Ridge was instrumental in the formation of the American White Water Affiliation, an organization uniting white water clubs across America. Buck Ridge founding father, Robert McNair wrote Basic River Canoeing, a textbook used for many years by canoe schools across the country. And in 1954 Buck Ridge started the first inter-club canoe slalom, the Brandywine Canoe Slalom. The slalom was held annually until the early eighties.