The By-Laws of the Buck Ridge Ski Club





For all regularly scheduled meetings, a quorum shall constitute of all those full members present.  For all specially scheduled meetings, a quorum shall constitute of one-fifth of the membership excluding, associate members.


ARTICLE II Membership


Section 1 Classes of Membership

a.      Individual memberships are open to those persons eighteen (18) of age or older.


b.      Junior membership is open to those who will not have reached age eighteen (18) on July lst, the start of the fiscal year.


c. Family membership is open to a family unit consisting of wife and/or husband and all dependent children who are under twenty-one (21) years of age as of  July lst, the  start of the fiscal year.


d. Associate membership was originally open to any person or family unit living outside a 50 mile radius of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, who has been an Individual, Junior, or Family member.   New Associate Memberships were abolished by a popular vote at the general membership meeting on 10/13/2004; existing Associate Members at that time were extended the right to continue those memberships at their reduced annual dues rate.


e.      Charter members are those persons who acquired membership at the organizational meeting of March 10, 1945.


f.    Life memberships may be bestowed on exceptional members by a formal vote of Governors.  Privileges include free membership for them and their families.


Section 2 Enrollment Procedure

a.            Applicants for membership shall submit an application to the Membership Chairperson. Each applicant is required to secure two sponsors, whose signatures must appear on the application.  Sponsors must be members in good standing.  Only one sponsor may be secured from any given family. Persons in one family unit enrolling at the same time are to be considered as a single unit.  Subsequent application from other members of a family having at least one member currently in good standing need no additional sponsors.


b.   New applicants must attend at least one day of club functions within six months prior to presentation of their applications to the membership.  Attendance at a club meeting qualifies as a club function.  Other club functions that satisfy membership requirements include any activity of the Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council led by a Buck Ridge Ski Club member, or any joint Philadelphia Canoe Club and Buck Ridge Ski Club paddling trip or a stay at the lodge with a club member.


c.   Juniors can join by submitting an application with proper fees.  Application must be signed by one adult sponsor and the parents.


Section 3 Initiation Fee and Annual Dues

a.   The initiation fee for an Individual Membership shall be six dollars ($6.00) and for a Family Membership eight dollars ($8.00).


b.   The annual dues shall be listed on all membership information. There is a reduced rate if paid by Sept 30th. Rates are as follows:


                               Early Bird Rate                   Regular Rate                Reinstatement Rate


             Individual               $25                                          $30                             $34

             newsletter via US Mail

             Individual               $20                                          $25                             $29

             on-line newsletter

             Family                    $30                                          $35                             $39

             newsletter via US Mail

             Family                    $25                                          $30                             $34

             On-line newsletter

             Assoc.                    $12.50                                     $15                             $19


d.   After one year, during which time the delinquency fee and dues have not been paid, the delinquent person or family unit must reapply for membership according to the enrollment procedure set forth under Section 2; except attendance at one activity is not required.


e.   Dues are payable in September for the ensuing year.




Section 4 Delinquency of Dues

a.   Any member whose dues are not paid by October thirty-first shall be considered delinquent, and shall no longer be entitled to the privileges of membership.  Such members, may upon payment of dues in arrears by November thirtieth, be reinstated.


b.   A person delinquent after November thirtieth shall cease to be a member; such a person may, however, apply again as a reinstated member by payment of a delinquency fee and the current dues within one year after November thirtieth.  The delinquency fee is four dollars ($4.00). A family unit re-applying need pay only one delinquency fee.  The delinquency fee for a Junior Member is one dollar ($1.00).


c.   After one year, during which time the delinquency fee and dues have not been paid, the delinquent person or family unit must reapply for membership except that attendance at an activity is not required.


Section 5 Limitations on Members Under 18 Years of Age

a.       Members under 18 years of age shall be entitled to all privileges of full membership except that of holding office or voting for the elected officers.


b.   The Board of Governors may regulate the participation of members under 18 years of age in such club sponsored activities as may be deemed incompatible with their ability, experience or legal responsibility .


Section 6 Revocation of Membership

Whenever a charge of improper conduct may be made, the charge shall be referred in writing to the Board of Governors for investigation and decision.


ARTICLE III Membership Meetings


There shall be regular meetings of The Buck Ridge Ski Club during each of the following months: January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November, and December.

The BOG may adjust the meeting schedule for a legitimate club reason, for example, cancellation for severe weather or a conflict with the ski schedule.


ARTICLE IV Election of Officers


Section 1 Elective Procedure

a.   The election of officers shall take place at the April meeting.


b.   The President shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of five members, only two of whom shall be from the Board of Governors, at the general membership meeting held in February.


c.   The election of officers to be held at the April meeting shall be announced at the March meeting.


d.       Installation of officers shall take place at the May meeting.


e.   The Board of Governors are hereby designated the Directors of the Corporation under the Articles of Incorporation of the Buck Ridge Ski Club.


Section 2 Officer Succession

In the event that vacancies occur in the elected offices, the following procedure shall be followed:


a.       Presidency: The Vice-President becomes President.


b.   The Vice-Presidency and any other vacancies shall be filled by vote of the Board of Governors.

ARTICLE V Board of Governors


Section 1 The Board of Governors of The Buck Ridge Ski Club shall consist of the four elected officers. the Interclub Representative, and the Chairpersons of four committees.  The selection of these committee chairpersons shall be made by the President.


Section 2 Alternates attending Board of Governors meetings in the absence of regular members, shall have voting power.


Section 3 Any decision or action of the Board of Governors is subject to review by the general membership.




Section   1 The Club fiscal year shall be from July first to June thirtieth.


  Section 2 The Treasurer's books shall be audited each year in the month of July or at any time the Board of Governors requests an audit.


Section 3 A budget shall be presented at or before the October meeting for the approval of the membership.

ARTICLE VII Amendments


Amendments to the By-Laws may be made by a majority favorable vote of a quorum of members present at a regular meeting.  Proposed amendments must be presented to the membership-at-large at least one month previous to the time of voting.


ARTICLE VIII Distribution of Club Assets


In no event shall any assets of the Club, or the proceeds of any assets be distributed to Club members, either for reimbursement of dues or sums donated by them to the Club, or for any other such purposes.


ARTICLE IX Voluntary Dissolution of the Corporation


Section 1 Voluntary dissolution shall follow the procedures provided for non-profit corporations in Title 14-Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.


Section 2 Upon dissolution, net assets of the Corporation shall be distributed to such non-profit organizations having interests and philosophies similar to The Buck Ridge Ski Club as selected by the Board of Governors.